Sunday, 10 January 2010

Waking up at the start of the end of the world.

So just before Christmas, I bought some Polymer Clay. And some tools (knives, yay!) to use with it. I spent a lot of my time on Deviantart in 2009 looking through tutorials and pictures of what people had made with it. Put it off for ages and instead made a huge load of cards and other little things.

In November I lost my favourite Grandmother. Sorting through her mountains of craft stuff, I must have inhaled some 'crafting dust'. Totally overnight I found the confidence and motivation to have a go. What's the worst that could happen, eh?

So I started with some brown,red, translucent and silver. I did a lot of bookmarking and watching Youtube videos. It was then that I began on cards first just to get into a Christmas mood. I forgot to take photos of those but everyone at my office got one and there was a lot of postive feedback from them.

One night when I'd got everything together I began to roll. I did forget to condition the clay enough and wasn't sure how much to bake at once. I hope also one day, to own a pasta machine cause I can't roll evenly to save my life.
My very first make were these earrings:

They're not very realistic but they do look a bit festive colourwise.

I then decided to add my second make in with my secret santa present for a girl at work. They went down a treat. Silver presents 'wrapped' in red ribbon tied in a bow at the top. She loved them and so did a few others. And why wouldn't they?

Then I began messing around with modelling it into other things. Such as Rudolph here
DSCF9519 and our Mushroom Friend DSCF9549
I can see me needing glasses soon with the really tiny stuff and the macro setting on my camera is pretty poor. I have a Light Box on my Amazon Wish List if anyone is feeling generous. Where I'd put it, I don't know.
I've now made doughnuts, beads from bad canes and then a bracelet that was just pretty random.
There are other random pieces and they can be found in my Crafting Set on Flickr
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