Sunday, 9 May 2010


I really can't draw to save my life. I seem to think I can, then put pencil to paper and it looks like something a primary school child did. One who's going to grow up and become better than I am at my age.

I also lack the ability to keep a blog updated it seems. Whoops. Must do better.

Have found that ebay is the way to keep my wardrobe for summer fresh. Especially now I've dropped a dress size since the beginning of February. Over the past week, I've bought about 5 items that have either been Topshop/Red Herring/ fcuk and only spent about £30. Bonus.

Only one item doesn't quite fit and that's the nautical Topshop dress. My hips need a little more work it seems. Or maybe the waist. Here's said dress

I Keep looking at pictures and wishing I could paint them. Then I just can't. I wish I had talent.
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