Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cake! Cake! Cake!

So good, I've named it three times.

Firstly, I'm extremely worried about writing this post. I did the quiz that was in the paper today on grammar, I came out of it quite badly. I thought I used to have a good grasp on grammar but it turns out I'm not so great. Are there courses for this sort of thing? Or do I just need to read lot's more?

I decided to get a bit up to date on projects I've been putting off, tonight. This came about after a conversation in the office about cake. So I promised I'd make a few for them. I also want a pretty header. Thank heavens for Sharpies. They don't show up my dodgy colouring skills and make everything look that bit more 'designed'. Like it's been done by a real graphic designer. Well, maybe. I didn't say I was any good at either.

Thanks to some twitter help and lots of googling I've found where I'm going wrong with baking. I'm not filling the cases up enough or using the right cases. (3/4 full and muffin cases).

These are the results. (taken with iphone camera as digital camera has died)

I know they're not brilliant but I found them a lot less stressful to make. I certainly need help on my piping skills. It'll come with time.
The recipe came from the back of a Hummingbird Bakery notecard.
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