Saturday, 1 September 2012

Paralympics London 2012 Day 3.

This is just a quick post to 'check in' really. I am so tired after having my second shift today. I finished my first at 5 last night and started again at seven this morning. Add to that very little sleep because I just haven't gotten used to this bed yet, the bags around my eyes are more like suitcases by the second.

So yes, I'm alive, having fun and eating well. Which is pretty good considering I'm a 'Gluten Free Gamesmaker'. So no Nature Valley Bars, no McDonalds and as I'm still not too sure about dairy products, no Cadbury's chocolate. If Wholebake Ltd could have also sponsored the Olympics and Paralympics, I'd be well away. Catering do provide a gluten free choice at each meal so I don't go without. The two so far have been pretty nice. Mainly vegetables in vegetables, with extra vegetables. So it's all counting toward my '5 a day'. And my nicotine intake is also down.

My fellow Gamesmakers within the team I'm on (and further afield too!) are all lovely. Even at stupid o Clock in the morning. Uniform is comfy, the trainers still nip a little but it's getting better. I think I'm understanding the role more and trying not to fret about it too much. Another girl I was on shift with this morning also felt the same, so we helped each other out and kept one another positive about it all.

To top it all off, after worrying I wouldn't get to see a single event, bar a bit of sneaking into Centre Court to see the Wheelchair Tennis, I have managed to get tickets to watch the Athletics in the Olympic Stadium next Saturday morning. Am on shift in the afternoon so my last proper day in the Park will be pretty amazing.

Sorry this hasn't been incredibly detailed, I do have lot's more to tell you but my brain is crying out for me to get some sleep reading for another 5am wake up call tomorrow.

I should be feeling more with it tomorrow. I promise there will be some photos. :)

J x

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