Monday, 10 September 2012

The end of a glorious summer.

And glorious it was, wasn't it? I can't believe it all came to an end last night. Today felt so long. Back to the day job. No sudoku, no bingo, no tutti frutti. The radio is now a phone. The television in the office is no more. And there's a whole bunch of new people that I don't know! It's not all bad though. All the walking across London and the Olympic Park, has meant I've lost 5lb in 12 days. That's pretty good. Just got to keep it up now, booked into spinning, yoga and 'abs blast' this week. Now I feel a little lighter, I'm ready to do proper exercise again. I have no excuse not to after seeing all those amazing athletes this week.

I had an odd journey home. Sitting in the doorway of the train, reading. Trying not to think about what was behind me. I think I'll come back soon. One day it might even be forever. I just need to find the courage.

One of the worst things about going back to work today was not being able to go to the Team GB Parade through London. One last goodbye and celebration. One of the ladies from our Gamesmaker Team at Eton Manor went though so I feel represented in a way.

The closing ceremony looked amazing. Maybe a tiny bit too much of Coldplay. Anyone who read my Twitter feed would have seen I finally realised Chris Martin doesn't sing about chicken pox, it's actually Ticking Clocks. Learn something new everyday.

I only gave up a week of my life to be in London. There are many many more who have dedicated months and even years to be there. My small part in it all, I hope was enough. I'm proud of so many people and thankful to them. It's all be amazing and so much fun. So many memories that I'll keep forever. Beginning to repeat myself so I think I'll stop.


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