Monday, 11 February 2013

Pancake Day 2013 and the start of 'Lent'...

my mum's "crêpes"
Credit to Lobe occipital for the picture

Pancake Day is my favourite day of the year. Only Christmas Day comes close. I love it more than my birthday now that I'm older and get less presents. It starts at breakfast and can last all the way to the evening. So many topping choices. Sweets, fruit, cheese, bacon, eggs, golden syrup, lemon juice, sugar, chocolate buttons, Nutella and much more.

It's even better that it falls in the same week this year and my most hated day. As a sad, frumpy singleton, I despise the whole idea of Valentines Day. Bleugh. So, on Thursday you'll find me still recovering from my self inflicted Pancake hangover.

Shrove Tuesday for Christians means the start of Lent. Lent is all about giving something up. Making a sacrifice to remember the one Christ made for them. As someone who has basically come away from those beliefs over the past 3 years, I guess I don't really have to go in for that anymore. But as I'm celebrating the whole idea of using up all the ingredients in the cupboard, then I should see it through. Last year I gave up chocolate and though it was hard at times, I saw it through and reaped the rewards of discounted chocolate after Easter Sunday.

So what do I give up this year? I really don't know. I did think earlier whether it was worth trying to stop using Twitter for the duration of Lent. But would anyone really care and what would it achieve? The chance of missing out and things and being that person who is out of the loop. Then again I might have time to read and not sit procrastinating, watching everyone else say interesting things about current affairs except me. If I gave up Facebook, I might miss out on events. Who am I kidding? No one invites me to events.

I could stick giving up crisps and chips as seems to be quite popular. Smoking seems an obvious option too. I'm just not in the right frame of mind for that, I think.

What else? What else is there in the world for me to give up? Being bitchy? I don't know, that seems pretty steep!

Help me!

In return for your ideas here's my two go to recipes for excellent pancakes

BBC Basic Pancakes with Sugar

Liberty London Girl's Recipe for Foolproof Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day for tomorrow.

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