Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Amy Butler Patterns

I popped into John Lewis yesterday to check they had deep fitted sheets for the new mattresses both my brothers have bought themselves. (neither asked for my mother's advice on them) As I was browsing I noticed some lovely material. The name? Amy Butler. I'm sure I'm probably the last to come across this name and the world and his wife have blogged about her before me but wow. Such bright colours yet not garish at all.

A quick Google this evening has found she also makes sewing patterns for clothes to make with the fabrics. Instantly, my eye was caught by a pattern series called "Liverpool". I never thought I'd fall in love with a sewing pattern. If anyone could sit down and help me make the short dress, I'd probably marry you (or buy you some very nice gift) I can sew when I put my mind to it but making clothes is another matter. I've only ever turned a pair of childrens dungarees into a small handbag. And that was crudely done.

This is the Liverpool pattern's website. I just can't seem to bring myself to close it down in my browser. I fear my heart would crumble.

Maybe I'd be best to start with her bag patterns first and work my way up to something more complicated.

The new house needs some furnishings so I'm also in the market for cushion covers and blankets. Though first I need to buy a double mattress. Then I can really have a rummage around for some duvet covers and the like.

I will be posting more. My laptop now has a new cable so I don't have to sit in awkward positions to stop the battery running out.

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  1. Can't beat John Lewis (will always be Jessops to me though).

    Blog promotion time: you've been tagged!


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