Monday, 15 February 2010

A slight hiatus.

Haven't really had time to post at all recently. This is due to moving house and performing in a panto last week. I'm now moved and slowly unpacking all my stuff. Just finished the kitchen and once I've got a bed and bookcases, my bedroom will be sorted. As it's rented there's not much I can do painting and decorating wise. Am going to be doing a lot with soft furnishings once I've worked out where to put everything. Managed to get online for a bit just to catch up on email and things. Television isn't working yet and I'm becoming quite bored. Last night I had no heating apart from a gas fire so I slept on a mattress in front of that. Felt very strange. At one point I woke up wondering where the hell I was.
Haven't even sorted out a fridge yet so am living off stuff that doesn't need to be cold to be stored. Though I had some milk last night and the house was that cold it didn't need a fridge, didn't curdle at all.

Going to have a housewarming at some point and had a thought tonight to have a theme. First ideas are "Glee" or something else acting/television/theatre related.

So once I'm unpacked and organised I'll get back to making things again.

Apart from that, how is everyone? Not had chance to read many posts recently, apart from the odd minute at work when it's quiet.
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