Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another one of those weekends

Yesterday, I was in some sort of wine induced coma. I barely moved out of bed all day and then finally gave in and went food shopping. I was only in the supermarket an hour but it felt like I was there all night. As usual, I had no list, just an idea of what I want to eat for the next couple of weeks. So a lot of veg and fruit was thrown in. I would like to shift more pounds before July. So these can only help.
And now I have a fridge, stuff can stay edible for longer. Even when I had the food though, I didn't feel like eating it last night. Except when I cut some strawberries and banana up and covered it in melted white chocolate. Yeah, felt a bit more with it then.

Today though, I was back in the land of the living So chunky roasted vegetables and pesto stuffed chicken it was.
Pesto stuffed chicken with chunky roasted veg
Nom nom nom

One of the girls at work is leaving on Friday as she's having twin girls and already has baby boy so she's probably not going to be coming back for a while. We're having a fuddle to say goodbye and the theme is 'pink'. So this afternoon I did a trial run of cupcakes. Especially after last weeks disaster with the non rising ones, I wanted to get these right.
Played around with different icing options. Might also practice a pink buttercream one too. Tips very much appreciated on how to get a baby pink colour.
Practice cupcakes

But now, I can't find the sketchbook I wanted to add somethings to. I really don't know what I've done with it. Need to be patient and hope it turns up. I hate it so much when I can't find stuff like this.
Skimlinks Test