Monday, 9 August 2010

A few aims

I'm back online. Managed to buy a new laptop. Quite a guilty pleasure but a sort of salvation. I was bored. Having to find non internet based activities is quite difficult, when your frame of mind means that you don't want to do a single thing.

I have lots of things I want to do right now. But lack the confidence and thus feel that I also lack the talent to do them.

I'd like to write a novel.
I'd like to write an album.
I'd like to learn piano/guitar.
I'd like to go running much more.
I'd like to do a gig.(by do, I mean perform)
I'd like to make this blog pay.
I'd like to write a collection of poems.

I'd also like to become less of a negative person. As soon as I feel that I'm getting anywhere with that one, I seem to end up taking two steps back.

My main aim is the novel. Though right now I lack any sort of muse for it. I don't know what genre to write. Definitely fiction. But what type? The simplest one for me seems to be sci-fi. But I'd hate to write something, only to have fellow 'fans' tear it apart for all it's plotholes it's bound to have. Inspiration for writing a scifi novel comes from Ruth Wheeler, a friend of mine. She wrote the book "All Aliens Like Burgers". It's a good read. Reviews have been very positive. I am a bit bias as my name is in the back, but that's because by buying the book it funded it's publishing. I think I'd like to do it that way. But what if no one wanted to buy the book?

I have begun to work on an album. I've so far wrote about three songs. I haven't dared to go over them again and redraft. They're most probably trash. "Sixth form poetry" at best.

Don't feel you have to comment with "I'm sure it's great". It won't help. I need people to tell me if they've been in this situation and where they went from there. That'd help.

I've been drawing a bit. Not much. I want to get the ruled notebooks used up. I've got about a dozen empty ones. If I could fill those, then I'd be a bit happier. Just to finish something for a change. That'd be new.
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