Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Duchess @ Tesco

Most of know that it'd be highly unlikely to see the Duchess of Cambridge amongst the aisles of your local Tesco. Waitrose is apparently more her bag. (I tried skipping with the trolley like she did, didn't look good.) But after the Reiss dress she wore to meet the Obamas on a state visit sold out instantly, Tesco said they would be producing a replica. Well it's a dress and it's beige. That's all. But it's still pretty.
The dress was reported to be going on sale June 13th but after checking online numerous times during the day and popping to the store during my lunch break, it was no where to be seen. Imagine my delight that a quick check on clothingattesco tonight and it's there! Still available. In a 12. So I've ordered it. In order to fit into this dress I'm going to have to lose 4" from my bust, 4" from my waist and a couple from my hips. It's going to be tough and I'll have to be incredibly disciplined but I'm determined to fit into this dress. Whether it's Christmas this year or something next year. I don't care. I haven't been too well recently and am hoping this will mean I can shed a few pounds easily. So if anyone knows the best non surgical way to lose inches from your chest, let me know. I'll try most things.
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