Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Courgette supper

My dad owns an allotment. So I'm always grateful for supplies of homegrown veg I'm sometimes given. Yesterday before a trip out with Mum and Dad, he presented me with a large bag of courgettes (Zucchini). I wasn't home last night to do anything with them so at lunchtime today I scoured the net for a recipe. Normally I just fry them with a bit of garlic seasoning.
 I tracked down a BBC Good Food recipe for 'Courgette and Parmesan Tart' The recipe can be found HERE
It's very simple. Puff pastry sheet, courgettes, mascarpone, Parmesan, olive oil and garlic. Simples!
 Before bunging it in the oven I remembered to take a picture. I am still getting to grips with this camera and my free hand is pretty poor.

Note the thumb imprint at the bottom. Because I always get impatient and peckish in the evenings waiting for food to cook, I used the rest of the sliced courgette in a pan with mushrooms, olive oil, garlic sauce and season all. As so
Just left on a low heat to sweat, it makes a great little starter. 10-15 minute minimum or to taste. You can drain it off if you like in papertowels but it tastes yummy in it's cooking sauce.
Finally the tart is done. I don't think I used quite enough mascarpone and it hard risen in the middle a bit. And it was a little tough to cut. Puff pastry is so messy to eat but that's half the fun.
If anyone knows how to make my pictures look more pretty or just my blog in general, tips would be much appreciated. I know everyone wants to have a nice blog and I'm no different.

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