Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday food shizzle

Winters finally showed it's ugly head. Rain, wind, cold temperatures. Not really the weather for packed lunches of sandwiches and crisps. Today was all about the 'stodge factor'. Warm starchy foodstuffs. Mmmm.

Lunch was at Lucy's Cafe in Mansfield. Just off the Market Square. I had the potato and chicken croquettes. Served on a bed of salad and coleslaw. (£5.95)
'Twas delish!
Oh and I had a slice of triple toffee crunch cake to take out (£1.95) I forgot to take a picture of that. It went down far too easily.
Then pre rehearsal tea with the Behind Bars buddies. (no, we're not ex cons, I assure you)
Sausage and Mash! Haven't had this in 'Spoons before. Tried just about everything else on the menu. (Please update this Mr J.D Weatherspoon or we're going to Yates)
The perfect meal for a dull, wet evening. This was lovely. So now I am full and must get some sleep. Nails are silver tonight. I've not done a fab job on them as I'm half asleep. Hoping to get them done properly soon. Post will follow

Sorry to bore you with a 'wot I ate today' post but I just wanted to share this ;yummyness'

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