Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Capital idea! - London Notebooks

Hello, my name's Jayne and I have an addiction to buying notebooks. At the last count it was around 30 but it may be more by now. The worse thing is, I don't even fill them. They lie empty on the shelf or piled on the table in my room. It's quite a sad story really, especially when you add in the fact I carry about three of them round with me 'just in case'. So that I'm ready for when inspiration strikes. Very rarely does it do this, normally it just gives me shoulder ache instead.

Paperchase is my enabler. Their current stock is very 'Jubi-Lympics'. London adorns most of the notebooks. Such as red buses, Big Ben, the London Eye and the Union Jack. It's all just too lovely. I really wish I could have it all but I made do with these at the weekend.

The padded journal on the left (£7.00) is so cute. It's huggable! And the linen flexi cover (£8.75) notebook on the side is really beautiful. I am determined to write things in both of them. 

If these aren't to your tastes then maybe you'd like to take a look at KatyNJune. I have spent a few hours browsing the site tonight and there's nothing I don't like the look of. Their ideas are really original and modern. They certainly give stationery a nice fresh feeling. The travel card holders make great gift ideas as do the memo pads for desks. 

They also have a London themed notebook and this is it 

This one has such an old school text book feel to it. The site says it's quite flexible so it can be rolled up and popped in a bag or pocket. Just like an exercise book. Sweet. Especially for £3.50. Bargain.

I just want them all. Yay for London themed Stationery.


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