Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunshine Dresses.

The weather in the UK is supposedly going to be a bit more seasonal this week. Due to the huge amounts of wet and miserable weather we've experienced recently, my winter wardrobe is still in use. Add to that fact I've become heavier since Christmas (partly due to not wanting to run because of the rain), summer dresses haven't really been on the agenda when out shopping. A quick perusal of some high street websites has come up with three that I could possibly get away with. 

From Debenhams - Red Herring we have this shell print dress.
The clinched in waist and short sleeves are quite in with my usual pick of dresses. As I'm larger chested, I need to show off my smaller waist a bit. It's £20.80 in the sale. Sizes 8-18.

I quite like the look of the peplum. I just haven't dared try it out yet. This one is £39.50 and is only available in a size 20/22 or a 6. So whoever has this dress, let me know what it's like, please.

Lastly, and quite possibly my favourite, New Look Tokyo Doll Retro Print Tie Dye Dress

After having a body scan done a few months ago, I was advised that chiffon is my best friend. I have a dress from Primark quite similar to this one. I like it in both colours. My mum's been sat next to me whilst writing and her view is it's too short. Good job I like my legs more than my chest then. I may be short, but they're not bad.
It's £24.99 and comes in size 10-16.

They are all lovely but I think my heart is with the last. 

Now to sort out a fake tan and a pedicure. Bring on summer sun!

J x

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