Monday, 4 June 2012

Baby Blackbird

Just popped out into the back garden at my parents house. Dad tapped on the window whilst I was inside hiding from the car cleaning going on. He asked me to bring my camera, in a whisper.

This is what I found when I stepped outside.

So cute. The blackbird nests in our wall every year, right in amongst the ivy. She tends to build 3 nests because she's either a perfectionist or trying to confuse predators. We don't normally see the babies, so this is quite special. It's colouring is so light compared to it's parents. The female is around somewhere so it's not been abandoned. It was originally trying to get in our back door! Must be the smell of the Jubilee Cakes I bought yesterday at the garden centre in Burton on Trent.

I have to say this weekend has been a bit of an anti climax for me. I was in London for the Royal Wedding and am in two minds whether to travel down tomorrow for the fly past and balcony appearance. East Midlands Trains are doing a Jubilee deal on tickets. With my Railcard it makes it just under £20. A lot cheaper than it will cost me in a fortnight for my Paralympic volunteer training. (Sponsors appreciated!)

The garden at my parents is looking really lovely this time of year.

J x.
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