Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Dictator

I went to see 'The Dictator' tonight. Straight away I can tell you this is no where near as funny as his previous incarnations as 'Bruno' or 'Borat'. I had hoped that as this film had more of a plot, it would be even greater. I was left feeling a little disappointed with it.
 What let it down was the fact that the funniest parts had already been shown in the trailer for the film. I saw this a few weeks ago when I saw 'American Pie: The Reunion'(go see that, much funnier). So many films do this and I just don't understand why. Leave the cinema goer a few hidden gems, please editors.
 Sacha Baron Cohen does make a great point towards the end of the film. About how easily a democracy could turn into a dictatorship under the influence of media and wealth. I think.
How on earth he persuaded Sir Ben Kingsley to appear as his uncle, I don't know. Or Megan Fox. The number of celebrity cameo's were a bit sickening as the film went on.
Hang on, let me find something positive to say about it. Oh yes, two words; Anna Faris. I don't think I could ever not love her in a film. Ever.
There's also unexpected Alan Cox too.

Overall I found it entertaining.

Sorry I suck at reviews.

J x

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