Sunday, 6 January 2013

I think I'm addicted to Pinterest...

I first started 'Dreaming of a Design' to document all the polymer clay items I had made. From there I dropped off the crafting scene and posted on lots of other things. Some fashion based, some about my life experiences. As lovely as this is, I feel like 'DoaD' has lost it's identity along the way. My layout at the moment isn't what I want but I'm too impatient to learn code. I also lack a copy of Photoshop to create it.

This year, it'd be nice to get back into making things and share it with you all here. Over Christmas, I did manage to make a few bits. Mainly from ideas I had seen on YouTube and Pinterest.

The Christmas Tree made from a magazine was quite easy to make but at the same time, frustrating. I should have stuck with the instructions to use a cheap weekly magazine instead of the large glossy I went with. It was only supposed to take ten minutes to fold the pages as per the video. It took me near enough two hours.
After a few coats of spray paint and snow paint it looked pretty good. Taking shape as below shows.

It makes a great alternative Christmas Tree or just as a table decoration. Any size magazine will work, you could use ones of different sizes to create a forest of them. Sprayed in a number of colours.

I then went on to decorate a bauble using newspaper and PVA glue.

 I really enjoyed making both of the above projects. It's made me want to carry on doing these projects in 2013 because they really make me feel happy and calm.

So I've set up a board on Pinterest to keep all the ideas I come across. I'll add to it any that I come up with myself. Hopefully by December, I'll have finished many of them and have lots to look back at with the knowledge that 'I DID THAT'.

I can't wait!
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