Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What I did in 2012

Apologies for the unoriginal naming of this post. I'm currently sat on the sofa, watching 'Up' with a terrible cold. This has originated from a dreadful hangover. So, whoever gave me their germs, cheers! I'm trying to eat my way through it and have just had a quick shot of 'Jameson's' to finally kill it off. Back to work tomorrow.

I really haven't written on here as much as I'd have liked. Merely due to lack of motivation of imagination. I do read about 100 other posts each day and I love them all. There's so many talented and interesting folk out there. Whatever I put wouldn't come close to most of it. I'll try and write more posts in 2013 though. No matter how meagre and boring they might seem.

2012 was a pretty cool year though. I got a lot done and met a bunch of new people along the way, as well as growing closer to those who matter.


I set myself the same old goals. Lose weight, run more and smoke less. Looking at Facebook these all lasted for about a week. I lost 9lb over the course of the whole year according to Wii Fit Plus. Which isn't bad I guess. I'm setting the same goals this year. With about half the determination. I have smoked less since getting this cold though. But I've eaten about three times my body weight.

On January 6 I got the email about being a Gamesmaker at the Paralympics. That started a huge year off pretty well. I was excited, scared and apprehensive about it. But that's all been talked about before.

At the end of January I directed a two night performance of Noel Coward's 'Hayfever' which was both frightening and joyous. Really hope to do something like this again in the future.

January also forged a friendship with 3 of the most wonderful friends anyone could ever have. Emily, Dawn and Nicola you're all fab and I hope to see lots more of you in 2013.


Still going to the gym. Still trying to eat more healthy food. Enthusiasm waning for it. I guess I'm not alone in this.

Managed to make a decent job of my brothers 18th Birthday cake. Even though he loved the toy on it more than the cake itself.

On his actual birthday though, I just happened to be in the audience for BBC Question Time which was filmed in Nottingham. It still seems to be available on iPlayer 12.25 in.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01c2y75/Question_Time_16_02_2012/

My 'angry' political face.
Then I ended up spraining a ligament in my hand. What's February in any given year without a visit to hospital?


In March, our little Meg went AWOL (though according to a Clairvoyant, she's fine with another family ages away :3) I still miss the crazy lady.

I then went down with a nasty bout of Pharyngitis which meant I completely lost my voice and all motivation for exercise. I still rocked up for lunch with my friends in the freezing cold and couldn't take part in any conversation.

From then on my Facebook feeds seems to be full of trips to McDonalds. No Nike+ posts. Tubby is back.
Hold on, more illness, dropped another 2lb. Due to lack of eating. So that's where it went.

Oh and this little fella put in an appearance but I didn't see him until April.


Easter arrived. I gave up chocolate for Lent and stuck to it this time. It was worth it. I've really cut back on Chocolate in general since. Well, most of the time. There's always bound to be the odd day of just bingeing on it.

After that April seems to be pretty quiet. Just general moany Facebook status. Nothing changes.


My social life picked up a bit more. Meaning I got to see a lot more of my friends. A cinema trip here, 'Dinner with Skinner' there. It all mounts up and really helped me.  There was even a trip to Wiltshire to see my grandad with the family.

Still a bunch of negativity in the air though.


This was a month of awesome. It began Diamond Jubilee celebrations and a lovely bank holiday weekend.
Then about a week later The Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all came to Nottingham. I stood out for about 6 hours waiting for them and even ended up on local news and radio.

Then thanks to 'National Theatre Live' I finally got to see Bendedict Cumberbatch in 'Frankenstein'. Amazing night.

A couple of days later, there was a 2am start and a trip to London for Gamesmaker training. An exhausting weekend. Where I also had the chance to see the Royals again.

Oh and the 'Spice Girls' got back together..


As happens every July, I got a year older. 23 this time. Sunshine arrived too. There were lunchtimes spent in the park eating ice cream and shopping days in shorts.

A trip to Bath that was lovely and it felt great to have some quiet time exploring the city.

Oh and my hair went red! It's now back to black but a red summer was fun.
I went to Bath to also see a friend in a play. Oh and Nigel Harman was in it too. Always a bonus.

Then the Olympics started!


I had my first shift right at the end of August but before that there was a visit to the Olympic Park a couple of weeks before. A day trip to Skegness a few days before. I completely changed my diet and tried to cut out as much gluten, wheat and dairy as possible. Oliver the cat died. I miss him too. There was so many good things in that month. 


Well, the month that made my life. A gloriously hot 10 days that were superb. I've spoken  about my time as a Gamesmaker at the Paralympics so I don't think I can say much more.  But it was AWESOME! I'd do it all again in an instant. I'll never forget it. I'll never forget the people and I've certainly made friends for life.

October, November and December

After returning home, I was on a complete downer. It's not been too great since then. Hence why I've been a bit quiet. I phased a lot out and tried to make a fresh start with my life. It's not easy and hurts a lot of the time. 

I went 'home' to Liverpool for a week. That was nice and chilled. I let things get a bit hectic a lot of the time. It's time to start finding ways of winding down and sitting back every now and then. I'm trying to eat less, cook more often and just enjoy life. With the help of medicine and a fantastic health service.

I have some fantastic friends, who are so wonderful and loving. They've helped me through this year and shown me that everything happens for a reason and to grab at life with both hands. Don't let it pass and try to be nice more often. It can help!

Here's to a more positive 2013

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