Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gorgeous-Moisturiser - Lush

I was given a Lush gift set for my birthday in July. Now that I've settled in after moving house, I decided to open it up to try the products. 

I received the 'Hello Gorgeous' gift set from my friends. It's contents are :

  • Think Pink Bath Ballistic
  • The Comforter Bubble Bar 200g
  • Vanilla Deelite 100g
  • Rub Rub Rub shower scrub (140g)
  • Gorgeous moisturiser (10g trial size)

The box itself is packed with lots squishy squashy sausages of every colour under the sun. Underneath these I picked out the trial size of the Gorgeous Moisturiser. This comes in a teeny tiny tin. One that is impossible to open. Over and over again I tried to prize it open. Other beauty bloggers advised to place it between your palms and twist it open. This did not work. In the end I opened it by literally 'biting' off the lid. The metal is quite soft so I don't appear to have done any lasting damage. 

Gorgeous is said to have been used by the late Princess Diana. I don't quite know how true this is, I didn't even know Lush was around when Diana was alive. But if it is true, then she had good skin so I expected great things from this product.

Described by Lush as their ultimate moisturiser, Gorgeous has been created to suit many skin types. I have oily skin that sometimes needs a boost of hydration in bad weather. (Though I didn't notice too must of a difference at 24000 ft this month) I have used this twice a day for about 5 days now. It really helps my make up to stay on for longer and helps it look more radiant. My skin really laps it up so the 10g hasn't gone far at all. At just under £40 for a 45g tub, this product is a little more pricier than the other Lush moisturisers. Though I'd be thoroughly tempted to pay that much judging by the results so far.  

In the past I've found within a day of using a moisturiser, my skin suffers with awful breakouts. Even with the pricey ones that promise to 'de stress' the skin. This hasn't happened with Gorgeous. It feels natural. It looks natural. The smell, though slightly overpowering due to the Evening Primrose Oil and Coconut mixing together, stays around even when the cream is absorbed into the skin. 

I really have loved using this trial size and will be purchasing a full size product very soon.

This is my first beauty review. Be gentle. Thanks
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