Sunday, 25 August 2013

The past six months in photos.

I haven't felt right posting for six months. I'm finally feeling a bit more settled so here's what I've been up to.
These lovely flowers came from my mum to say she was thinking of me and to cheer me up.

I purchased a Daisy Duck onesie. I even wore it to work for Comic Relief and it was so comfy!

I decided to start growing my nails (again!). It lasted for a few weeks....

Fell in love with Yankee Candles and dried the flowers mum sent above.

Hung out and made dinner with my fave lil lady!

Celebrated the birthday with my best friend (mother of my fave lil lady!) Seee...

 Love these two!

 Spaghetti and hot dogs! So easy, so yummy!
Met the newest member of my friends family, Travis!

 Went to the wedding of a school friend. Had a lovely time, she looked so beautiful.
                           Did some running!

 Rufus & Travis. Growing up so quickly. They also know how to run rings around their Auntie Jayne :)

Meet Sir Harley of Clumber. 
Who likes to just sleep on my bed 
every Sunday afternoon. Like clockwork.

My two favourite types of indulgences. 

Celebrated the 21st birthday of my dearest friend, Luke. We lost him in February and I miss him every day.
We let off 21 (well it ended up being 18) balloons for him and had a whole concert in his memory. Such a bittersweet time.

 Then came my birthday. Cake. Balloons. Friends. It was nice :)

I came back to my home for the summer last year. Two weekends in a row. Once for the National Lottery Anniversary run (I didn't run it!) and then for the Anniversary Games. Can't quite believe it's a year this week, that I was there for the Paralympics as a Gamesmaker.

I've been reading

I've been pampering

I've been partying (and scowling!) haha love this photo on the right.

I've been on my first and second ever plane journeys. Scary but fun!

 I saw my first ever Speedway Match in Edinburgh.
Hung out with these two some more.

 Moved house and this is my current work station. At home.

After two cups of coffee, I decided you guys needed to know this stuff. 

Skimlinks Test