Saturday, 5 July 2014

GHD Aura

I have had my current hair dryer since I was 17. I can remember buying it from ASDA after 6th form one day. That was 8 years ago. It has of late, become a little temperamental. It cuts out after one minute when it gets hot. So I find myself having to sit with my hair wrapped up in a towel because it's such a nightmare to try and dry it. Or I just put it up in a ponytail and leave it wet. Not the most glam of looks.

However ghd have once again made their mark on the world of hair styling. Not happy with creating the most desirable of straightening irons, they have now released their own hairdryer. Introducing ghd aura™, a ground-breaking drying and styling tool, set to revolutionise the way you dry your hair. Developed by styling experts and scientists, ghd aura™ is the first tool to offer exceptional styling benefits whilst it dries, making it easier than ever to achieve salon results at home.

Five different points help the ghd aura™ to stand out from the crowd. 

First there's Control, which uses Laminair™ technology. This means the air flows without gaps reaching all of your hair. It delivers a 65% more concentrated, non turbulent air stream. Your hair is less likely to be disturbed as much as other hairdryers when working on a section.

It also provides Shine. The Laminair™ technology also means that hair is aligned in one direction when drying with the ghd aura™. How many times have you ended up with tangled hair because your dryer blows it this way and that way? This technology also means that the because air flow is focused, it gives even speed and temperature. So no more cutting out randomly!

The ghd aura™ uses another form of technology called Cool-Wall™. Which is something I wish my poor little dryer has. Cool-Wall™ keeps the casing and nozzle cool to touch at 44˚C, versus 126˚C. This innovation allows you to get  closer to the scalp giving increased root lift and volume, setting your style as it dries. 

But what else could you possibly want from this hairdryer? How about less noise? So many times I worry I wake people up with the sheer noise coming from a hairdryer at stupid o clock in a morning. the next generation brushless motor means ghd aura™ is smaller, lighter and quieter (60% quieter compared to the leading models of hairdryer).

And for all you financially or environmentally conscious folk, the ghd aura™ also consumes 17% less electricity compared to other hairdryers. Amazing. I'd never have thought of making it cheaper to run. 

Continuing to revolutionise hair styling,  ghd aura is the latest offering from professional hair care brand ghd ensuring it’s never been easier to get a good hair day, everyday.

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