Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Polymer Clay Pieces

After what's felt like an age of not using polymer clay, I finally got it back out tonight. I was a bit apprehensive because I just keep getting moaned at for using the oven. However it's only a low heat, and for a short time. I don't even care anymore. I put down a holding deposit on a rented house on Thursday. I packed up loads of my stuff yesterday. Just need my application to be passed and then it's go go go! Cannot wait to be using my own oven, when I like.
Starting to hate working with red clay. Have found I'm making sure I use it last of all just so it doesn't spoil any white or light colours I might be using in other pieces.
Tonight I made an ice cream charm with the help of a tutorial that was posted this week on Deviant Art.
Found this quite difficult to do. The overhang of the ice cream scoop was a bit difficult. Also found myself covering up the lines I'd made on the cone as I was going along, quite fustrating and fiddly. The scoop top is a bit out of proportion but maybe that give it a bit of charm. Was fun to do and I'll try again, I'm sure.

Then I moved onto some apples and valentines cupcakes. This was where the red came in. Making the round apple, I ended up with very red chalky palms. If anyone knows a good way to avoid this, then please let me know. Wire wool seems to remove it pretty well after. My hands have never felt so soft from so much washing up liquid too.

Someone left me a tip on my DA page about the cupcakes and that the bottom should be a bit narrower to make them a bit more realistic. Used this on the ice cream too. Works, sort of.

Not sure what to do with the red apple yet. Necklace or single earring to rebel a bit. Haven't got time to pick up a charm bracelet this week. It's either panto, work or something else. I do like a busy life but I like one with time to do things and go places.

Becoming more confident at mixing colours now. Maybe the mint green could have been a bit more 'mintier'. I don't know.

The tin of odd, sods and charms is getting fuller now. I can see how some people end up with lots in a small amount of time. A few afternoons here and there certianly boost supplies. I shan't be setting up an Etsy or Folksy shop anytime soon though. More time needed for that.
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