Sunday, 5 September 2010

Make it Last

I've not been really in the mood for being very creative recently. Then again, when am I? So I need to get back on it. A great place to start being in the mood for writing and drawing, is shopping. I'm now the proud owner of a lovely large cavas tote bag from Paperchase. I ummed and ahhed over buying it. Finally deciding that it'd hold all my pens and pads. Oh and the fact that it has the three cutest little ladies on it, one from Rome, another from Paris and the third from London. Perfect.

I've been 'nesting' recently, with regards to notebooks. I have about twenty or so. Some with pages used. Others, blank. I have all the intention to use them. Fill them full of musings and doodles. But I never do.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here's the contents of the bag from the weekend. Bear in mind, I only got it on Saturday.
A popped to Waterstones on Saturday. They've made the Paperchase franchise in there, huge. So that's when I got the bag, along with four new books. I took the advice of Liberty London Girl and also purchased a sketchbook from Rymans. And eBay has been providing me with new Moleskines.

Now to business. I need to fill these. Just to feel accomplished. And the blog needs filling in more, too. So I'll be updating here, with what I've put in the various pads. And with what I think of the books I'm going to read.

I promise.
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