Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Marc Jacobs @ New York Fashion Week

I have literally just finished watching the Marc Jacobs SS 11 runway show for New York Fashion Week. The show was broadcast live on the Marc Jacobs website. I totally expected to be like bad CCTV. That we should feel like we shouldn't be watching because we're not fashion journos or buyers. But it was as well rehearsed camera wise as any television production. Great shots of the clothes and the whole runway.
 Thanks to womensweardaily on twitter

The clothes themselves seemed incredibly wearable. Some of the pieces were a little bright and garish, others stuck to neutrals,perfect for spring days in the countryside. Long white maxi dresses with red strips at even intervals. Beautiful. Grey jumpsuits teamed with bright wedges. Gorgeous.

So is this the way we'll be watching fashion shows from now on? No longer with the average Jane have wait for the blogs and magazines to show them what they missed. I think it's a great idea. Well done Marc!
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