Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New Beginnings

Again, hello! It's been months since my last post. I always have the intention to post something but it either, never feels quite right or I just don't have time.

So what's new. Well, I moved into a new house, again. This time I have housemates. It's an attic room in a terraced house. Same town, even closer to work (hmm). But it's good to have my own space, and still have the company. Oh and cats. Three, infact. I'm just about all moved in now and I'm beginning to settle. Most nights I'm not in the house. Rehearsals for this that and the other take over and it's gone 10pm before I roll in.

However, this week is like half term for me. No rehearsals so I've had free evenings to sit with my female housemate (we have another, male, who works mainly nights) and watch tele. Last night we sat and watched 'Kirstie's Home Made House'. Always an inspirational show. Makes me itch for making stuff. So much so, I've hinted to my mother that I'd like a flower press for Christmas. Saying that, a few weeks ago all I wanted was a cafetiere. So I change my mind, a lot.

One of my craft loving Aunts (I have a few on my mothers side the family, my gran made hundreds of cards and gifts) gave me a latch hook set a few birthday or Christmas's back. I had been putting it off for ages because I tend to get things like that, wrong. I mess patterns up and become frustrated. But being in a very settled environment, I felt that I'd be able to concentrate and get it right, for a change.

So here's how it began to take shape after one hour
I sent it in a tweet to Kirstie Allsop herself and she RT'd me. With the word 'proud' preceeding it. I texted my mum and she replied with 'Good 4U' (53 years old and texts like a pro, most of the time). She didn't even mean it sarcastically. A while later, I realised I'd started too low. It was far too late at night to start unpicking so I did all that this evening and started again. Taking more care.

Edwardian Farm and The Apprentice later, it now has some yellow stitches in it.
As the first picture shows, it should resemble a butterfly by the end of it. I've no idea whether to gift it or keep it. Depends on if I finish it and it looks any good. We'll see.

But it certainly feels good to be crafting again. Very relaxing. As is my Whittards Dreamtime Hot Chocolate right now so it's with that I say 'Goodnight'. x
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