Thursday, 9 September 2010

Slave to the Wage

The post on the Tamara Drewe and Posy Simmonds interview is on it's way. I have so many notes to write up on it and very little time this week. Mainly because apart from doing the 9-5.30, I've been in a play. Part of the new Brightside Productions group in Mansfield. Two plays are forming one production. We started tonight and finish tomorrow evening. It may only be two shows but I'm exhausted from it all. So it's been straight from work to the theatre and then home just to get up and do it all again tomorrow. So hopefully Saturday I can sit and write everthing up. I hope. Need to check my diary...

Tonight went really well, only tiny hiccups that I'm sure the audience didn't notice. A slight problem with sound that was sorted in the nick of time. Thanks to being able to fetch my laptop fairly quickly. Oh and Maplin still being open to sell us a mini jack. My mother will be chuffed to hear that sound tests were done using the Barwick Green theme from The Archers. Laptop is full of podcasts and I don't like Media Player so I had no idea how to remove them from there. Oh yeah, that 'remove list' button, I see.

 If anyone would like to come see the plays tomorrow night in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire click the Brightside Link below and there is also more information on the plays there. Alternatively just comment below or go to my Twitter page and message me.

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