Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dance! it's all I wanna do, so won't you dance!

Ooo look at that. I clicked New Post. So I do know how to do it! Why has it taken me so long to post. My first one of 2011, apologies. I kept meaning to do one but procrastinated far too much about it.

So how is everyone? I have seen lots of your pretty posts recently and I'm feeling a little jealous. I can't find anything pretty to talk about. My life at the moment is taken up with, plays, gym, running, dieting, work, more plays, more running. I've lost 6lb since NYE. Still a long way to go but should all be worth it if I hit 10st. Have barely drunk since Christmas. Apart from the odd free glass here and there. Nothing major though. And my skin is feeling the benefits of it. Compared to this time last year, I look very normal.

I'm still buying notepads and not using them up. But they all look pretty and I'm sure I'll find a use for them one day when my brain kicks into gear. Have also been trying to keep a diary but that's starting to lose it's novelty now. I am so not a Bridget. Apart from the wanting to lose weight, singledom and crazy friends. That's where the similarities end, I'm afraid.

I haven't done much drawing, painting or crafting in ages. Due to lack of time and motivation for these things. Maybe I'll start again soon. I am trying to cook well again. Came up with this today.

Salmon and roasted asparagus on a bed of baby spinach, tomato and Lincolnshire poacher cheese. It was yummy. What wasn't yummy was the protein shake I just drank after going out on a 3km run. I love the Nike+ app. Though I still quite like Runkeeper one too. Having a variety of apps keeps me interested in going out and running though so that's good.

I am a little gutted to still have only 5 followers after a year of blogging so if you could spread the word on Twitter or Facebook then that'd be fab! Thank you. I will have better posts soon, I hope.
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