Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Overdose at Christmas, give it up for Lent.

So, here it is. Ash Wednesday. The start of lent. Easter seems so close but so far away. This year it's going to seem much farther, as I'm giving up something. Not just anything. I could have given up cola, chips, shopping, burgers...the list goes on. Instead I've decided to beat my addiction. The big C. Chocolate.

So that's just over 40 days and 40 nights with no
-Dairy Milk
-BUBBLY- the new Cadbury bar which has just come out and I adore it. Coping without this new love could be the hardest part


I've lasted a day so far and what makes it worse is that the pancake topping weren't finished off last night so I know that in the fridge are some Revels, Bubbly and Buttons. I just cannot stop thinking about them. My housemate needs to hurry up and eat them or I'm disposing of them at work!

Thankfully it wasn't too bad today as my body still feels a bit peaky and I haven't wanted to eat much full stop.

Now, when Easter comes round I want this :

You Crack Me Up™ Extra Thick Easter Egg

Because if I've gone that long without chocolate, I might just have cracked up.

So far this evening to take my mind off it, I've had a very hot shower, applied a face pack, blow dried my hair and moisturised my face (which it was extremely grateful for after 3 days of being ill). I need more distractions. GTA3 on the iPhone is becoming more and more difficult to complete, I'm losing patience. Maybe I need to start reading books again.

I'll try and post updates on how I'm doing and feeling. If you know of any therapists that can help my addiction, that'd be great. A chocolate intervention sounds good.
Thanks x

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