Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What's 'Dairy Milk' again?


I am very happy that February 2012 has been the busiest ever month here traffic wise. This has made me realise that the more content I put up, the more everyone will come and read it. Well, that's only if I get better at writing it. I'm trying. I just don't want to post any old thing if my heart's not in it. I'll do my best though.

It's been a week since my the last bit of chocolate. Those first few days really hurt. I've had a couple of wobbly moments since. That bar of 'Bubbly' is still on a plate in the fridge. I'll give it a few more days and then I'm throwing it. I don't really remember what chocolate quite tastes like. I seem to remember it being nice. Very nice indeed. Not eating it hasn't made the pounds drop off either so surely it wasn't doing me that much harm. The belly is still there. I'm far too impatient with losing weight. And not entirely motivated to get fantastic results.   Just got to keep trying.

I will get back to doing some crafty things soon. I've come across some people who are much better at it than me and I'll feature them.

But keep coming back, it'll be worth it and don't forget to 'like' the Facebook page and share the link...I need your help

Thanks x


  1. Aww I've given up chocolate this lent as well and finding it really hard also! Seem to be replacing it with other things like sweets and ice cream instead... oops! Only a few weeks til Easter now though! xx

  2. Eating chocolates are just one of life's pleasures. It will not hurt if you eat them once in a while.

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