Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday - my favourite day of the year.

The whole idea of Shrove Tuesday is something that excites me. Using up everything you have 'leftover' and chucking into a pan to make something stodgy and fattening. Then in a modern day twist, cover it in even more sugary products. (Sweet only tonight. I'm still coming round to this insane idea of savoury pancakes - Dirty b******s.) Then sitting back and wondering why we don't eat pancakes all year round like the Americans.

I haven't had much practice at making pancakes in my lifetime. My dad always made them when I was a child. He'd shout each time a pancake was ready and it'd be a challenge to see how many we could each eat. They were good times. The key was to add a bit of lemon and stop at that. Too much and you'd be full to quickly.

I've read many a recipe for pancakes but my favourite is Queen Delia's on BBC Food. Which can be found here. It all felt very easy and it says you can make 12-14 pancakes from it. Well Delia, as much as this recipe is spot on, that amount is not. I made 3 batches and got about 4 from each batch. And they were thin!

I also tried out Domestic Sluttery's recipe for scotch pancakes. They worked out ok, a bit burnt but that's my fault. So I highly recommend trying it out.

I had a few friends round for the pancakes. They were all politely nice about the result. Must make more pancakes for practice. They make a good pre run snack.(minus the Maltesers) 
Mmmm bubbling away
 More chocolate and blurred camera skills
 Somebody wasn't too impressed tonight....
Best topping?

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